YAMA Foundation

Making yoga, art & meditation accessible to underserved communities. 


We bring free or subsidised classes and programs, serving those with special needs, disabilities and chronic illness, as well as those who are vulnerable or disadvantaged.

We serve four key areas:


Children with Special Needs or Terminal Illness

The core of our service is dedicated to children suffering with a terminal illness, or living with special needs or disabilities. We also target children living in extreme poverty as they have unique needs as well.

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Adults with Disabilities or Chronic Illness

Approximately 10 percent of Hong Kong's population lives with a special need, disability or chronic illness. Additionally, 15 percent of our population lives in poverty. We reach out to adults in residential care homes and parter with other charities.

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Vulnerable Communities

As we have evolved, we have some dedicated yoga teachers who serve vulnerable communities such as asylum seekers, ethnic minority women, as well as women in prisons.

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Community Events

YAMA Foundation helps support the wider community, including events that support other NGOs who serve Hong Kong's differently-abled communities, families and carers. 

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Changing perceptions: Believe that anyone can do yoga.

Part of our work is to change public perceptions about who can practice yoga and meditation. 

Yoga is for everyone! Just ask our YAMA ambassador Catrin Andersen who has attended numerous events on behalf of YAMA Foundation to show the world that anyone can do yoga! 

Since our incorporation in 2016, we have accomplished the following:

  • 13 organisations across Hong Kong have received our services
  • 197 yoga classes have been taught
  • ~260 beneficiaries have received our services
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