Accessible Wellbeing

YAMA Foundation is hosting Hong Kong’s first wellbeing conference for persons with disabilities

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We invite you to join and support this pioneering event.

Saturday February 29, 2020 from 9:00am to 3:00pm

Holiday Inn Golden Mile Ballroom Basement 3, 50 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Our Purpose:

  • To optimise the quality of life experience for persons with disabilities (PWD) and special educational needs (SEN) communities

  • To create a more inclusive and accessible wellness industry.

Key Objectives:

  • Identify core issues affecting the quality of life experience for persons with disabilities and special needs communities and look at potential solutions

  • Share best practices among therapies beyond physical, occupational and speech therapy, and explore difference practices to enhance physical and mental wellbeing.

  • Provide professional collaboration and networking opportunities for therapists across Hong Kong to expand scope of practice

  • Build a community of like-minded individuals who are committed to make our wellbeing industry more inclusive, diverse and accessible.

Who Should Attend:

  • Persons with disabilities or special needs, their caregivers, families and friends.

  • Services providers for PWDs and SEN communities

  • NGOs, healthcare and educational institutions

  • Therapists and wellbeing professionals

Components of the Conference


A community area where persons with disabilities (PWDs) or special educational needs (SEN) communities can connect and network with specialised NGOs and professional wellbeing services. If you advocate for or work with PWDs or SEN communities, this is a platform to directly engage your target market.


A specially curated list of Hong Kong-based wellbeing professionals specialised in working with PWDs or SEN communities will offer mini classes or taster sessions throughout the day, in the areas of:

  • body work

  • sound healing

  • music & arts therapy

  • yoga and meditation


We will be featuring influential speakers in Hong Kong who are experts on the subject of accessible wellbeing, as well as engaging members of our communities to help identify core issues and propose solutions to enhancing our wellbeing industry in Hong Kong to be more inclusive and accessible.

  1. Panel 1: Accessible Wellbeing — Exploring Issues, Barriers to Entry & Attainable Solutions

  2. Panel 2: Ask The Experts — A Q&A session with some of Hong Kong’s foremost wellbeing experts


How You Can Participate



  • Free table at the marketplace or opportunity to present at venue

  • Banner at the venue

  • Logo on collateral

  • 10 invitations to VIP / post-conference cocktail

  • Double-page advert in the program guide


  • Free table at the marketplace

  • Logo on collateral

  • 6 invitations to VIP / post-conference cocktail

  • Full-page advert in the program guide


  • Logo on collateral

  • 3 invitations to VIP / post-conference cocktail

  • Double-Pay advert in the program guide



  • Back cover: HKD20,000.00

  • Inside cover: HKD10,000.00

  • Double page: HKD8,000.00

  • Full page: HKD5,000.00

  • Half page: HKD2,500.00


  • Full table: HKD845

  • Half table: HKD425

  • NGOs get 50% off price (must show proof)


  • Brand visibility

  • Showcasing your organisation as supporting diversity and social inclusion

  • Targeted marketing and professional networking opportunities

  • Free admission to the event

  • One invitation per advertiser or table to the VIP / post-conference cocktail



We are looking for a dynamic speaker who is pioneering in the field of wellbeing for PWDs and SEN communities, to be our key note speaker.

  • By nomination only (self-nomination accepted)


We would like to feature panel speakers who can offer perspectives on the issues facing PWDs and SEN communities as well as offer solutions.

  • PWD / SEN representative

  • Parent / Caregiver

  • Wellbeing expert

  • NGO representative

  • Govt./Edu./Health representative

Activity booth leaders

Book a one to two hour time slot to offer mini classes or sessions in the areas of:

  • Bodywork (massage, craniosacral therapy, body talk, etc.)

  • Music & sound (music therapy, gong, crystal bowl healing, etc.)

  • Arts (mandalas, expressive arts, mindful colouring, etc.)

  • Yoga & movement (yoga for special needs, individual therapy sessions, etc.)