Help Us Fundraise

We are always looking for fundraising assistance. Here are some ideas for you to do to help fundraise for us


teach a charity yoga class to benefit YAMA Foundation

Yoga teachers who may not have specialised qualifications to assist our programs, can still get involved by teaching a charity class. Here's what you need to get this off the ground:

  • Contact us and let us know when you would like to host the charity yoga class

  • Secure a date and time and venue. (YAMA will not pay any deposits or rentals for venues.)

  • We will help you draft a flyer for your event and can even set the event up online to receive payments directly to us. All you need to do is market the event to your family and friends.

  • Come to pick up a YAMA t-shirt before the event.

  • At the event, play the YAMA Foundation YouTube video to your audience before you begin teaching your class.

  • Have a wonderful event!

  • After the event, please share a write-up and photos for us to include on our blog and social media

50 SUn Salutations Challenge

Yoga practitioners can challenge themselves in a morning practice by doing 50 Sun Salutations to raise awareness and money for YAMA Foundation. Here's what you need to do:

  • Contact us and let us know when you would like to do the challenge.

  • Set a date, time and venue for your challenge. (YAMA will not pay any deposits or rentals for venues.)

  • Each participant needs to download our pledge form and fill it out.

  • Get your family and friends to support you by sponsoring you a flat fee or per round of Sun Salutation.

  • Take lots of pictures at your event and share with us so we can put it on our blog and social media.

  • Come by to donate the cheque and receive a gift of thanks from YAMA Foundation.




Every year, YAMA Foundation hosts a range of small to larger events to help raise money and awareness of our cause. 

If you are good with logistics and would like to assist YAMA Foundation with any of its fundraising efforts, please visit our 

JOIN OUR TEAM page and complete the Volunteer Application Form.