Women In Prisons

Everyone is fighting a battle you have no idea about.


People in prisons usually have a history of trauma. They have witnessed in their lives any of the following: homelessness, abandonment, domestic violence, sexual abuse, bullying, discrimination, drug and alcohol abuse and witnessing crime (including murder). These experiences are carried by many people in prisons who are angry, reactive and have very little guidance on how to work through this unresolved trauma.

Many researchers and social workers have now acknowledged the importance of body-based practices such as yoga, to help restore the connection between mind, heart and body and provide tools for self-rehabilitation. 

YAMA Foundation runs yoga programs in women's prisons in Hong Kong including:

  • Lo We Correctional Institution

  • Tai Lam Women's Prison

What we need to keep these programs running:

  • Team of yoga teachers: HK$3600 per month

  • New set of yoga mats to donate to each new prison we work with.

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Prison Yoga Thank You Card.jpg

Handmade card for our teachers
Our team of volunteers received this hand-made card at the end of the Tai Lam Women's prison programme.