YAMA'S Ambassador: Catrin Anderson

Catrin started practicing yoga five years ago. Since then she has become certified to teach accessible yoga. In addition, Catrin has created a unique blog called “Shift Yourself Now

Below Catrine shares in her own words her yoga journey


I am Catrin Anderson. I am from Hong Kong and I love to travel, listen to music, do yoga and hang out with my family and friends. 

I first started doing yoga in 2015, with Hersha at Cornwall School. I also did yoga at Jockey Club Sarah Roe School (JCSRS).

Nowadays, I go to Hersha’s house on a Wednesday morning for a private yoga session.

On Monday evenings, I do yoga with a small group of young people in Sai Ying Pun, which is part of YAMA Foundation’s community classes.

Recently, I got my Accessible Yoga certificate.

I am an ambassador for the YAMA Foundation. I help Hersha with demonstrations, fundraising and spreading the word about Accessible Yoga.

I love to do yoga, it helps me to relax. 

It gives me energy. 

The breathing exercises help me relax my body and mind.