Yama Foundation IMPACT REPORT

Third Year Anniversary Report

Financial Reports available upon request. Please email us directly.


Moving into the future…


We are proud to share our second report for our third year in operation. YAMA Foundation is still navigating through the process of becoming a registered charity. We are extremely confident that this will happen, but do still need some more time to correspond with the Internal Revenue Department as well as the Companies Registry.

Our goals for 2019:

  • Continue to expand our reach across SEN schools in Hong Kong, providing wellbeing programmes including yoga, arts and meditation

  • Starting a yoga programme in a male prison to continue our work with people who are incarcerated.

  • Collaborate with other like-minded institutions to further enhance our service on a collective level.



Of our targeted beneficiaries are children in need





organisations in Hong Kong that have used our services


yoga classes taught across hong kong to date


Fundraising targets. 


Yoga events to raise awareness and money to support our causes


We are a service-based organisation that strives for excellence across both public and private sectors. We recruit the most knowledgable teachers and therapists across Hong Kong to deliver quality programmes.

Our fundraising targets are now to establish a full-time team who can dedicate all their time to teaching communities in need, traveling to different districts across Hong Kong, as well as managing our fundraising, reporting and research.

We are considering doubling our cost of operations to HK$500,000 per year to put this full-time team in place, with the majority going towards providing the services to the communities in need.


Help us make yoga, arts and meditation more accessible around Hong Kong.