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2nd Anniversary Report.


YAMA Foundation recently celebrated its 2nd anniversary. Although we are a young organisation, we have accomplished a great deal with the limited resources that we have. 


Data compiled by Nunc Sollicitudin.


Our first report.


Approximately 10% of Hong Kong’s population lives with a severe disability or chronic illness. Cancer and heart disease are the two leading causes of death in Hong Kong, and the incidences of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are on the rise. Of this entire demographic, 15% live below the poverty line. Limited services and therapies are available for this community. They either have to endure long waiting lists to get any government supported service, or pay premium prices for private services.

Yoga, art therapy and meditation are low-cost, therapeutic interventions that can help bring about physical and mental wellbeing. Yoga therapy is an integrated practice and lifestyle (increasingly endorsed by the medical community) that empowers individuals to progress toward improved health and wellbeing, regardless of ability or disability.

What we have found over our years of serving underserved communities is that yoga, art and meditation as therapeutic interventions brings very similar results to that of neuro-developmental therapies:

  • Emphasis on flexion and extension of the body.
  • Improved body and breath awareness
  • Improved gross-motor planning
  • Outlet for self-expression
  • Tools for self-regulation and self-rehabilitation
  • Enhanced social skills and increased self-confidence

In Hong Kong, yoga comes at a premium and classes are targeted toward the physically fit and affluent markets. There are hardly any yoga classes available for disabled populations or enough qualified adaptive yoga teachers to teach those with special needs or chronic illnesses.

Our work over the next year will be to address this social cause and gap in the market by providing specialised yoga classes and individual therapies for our clients. Our work aims to change the landscape of yoga by shifting perceptions about who can practice yoga.

We hope to reach more members of the yoga community by supporting the organisations that help bring the right skills and qualifications to teachers who can learn to be more trauma-sensitive, aware of adapting yoga postures and techniques to suit people with different abilities and to reach parts of Hong Kong that would not have the opportunity to practice.



Of our targeted beneficiaries are children in need





organisations in Hong Kong that have used our services


yoga classes taught across hong kong


Working to measure our impacts. 


One of the tasks we set out to do this year was to measure our impacts. All participants are now required to complete a feedback survey after each class. Each survey measures mood, energy and stress levels. 

We will be using the information gathered from our classes to inform our future classes. 

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the targeted beneficiaries we reach grows gradually each year


Fundraising targets. 


Yoga events to raise awareness and money to support our causes


Our largest fundraising event tied in with Integral Yoga Hong Kong's 50th Anniversary celebration, organising a physical challenge of performing 50 Sun Salutations - a yoga drill consisting of 12 postures in each round. 

We had over 30 participants join in, each coming with individual sponsorships. We were able to raise $81,924 for this event, all of which went directly towards planning and implementing our programs.

We realise that we need $100k-$150k each year to reach our targeted beneficiaries and support the dedicated yoga teachers who travel to different parts of our city to share programs with our clients.


Help us make yoga, arts and meditation more accessible around Hong Kong.