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Understanding & Supporting Our Children with Special Needs

  • Aberdeen Boat Club 20 Shum Wan Road Wong Chuk Hang Hong Kong (map)

SNNHK is excited to partner again with world-renowned and respected mental health occupational therapist Kim Barthel, OTR, who teaches internationally on specialties such as attachment, trauma, addiction, sensory processing, movement, and learning. A proponent of ‘putting your mind into the mind of the other’,  she teaches globally about understanding what is behind complex behaviour.

About the workshop:

This one-day workshop looks at problem-solving behaviours and learning, based on observations that look beyond ‘the label’. The workshop will include demos with children to model desired behaviours. To support our children at home, we need to understand what is happening at a sensory, cognitive and emotional level. Understanding the brain and how we are all wired differently provides a refreshing and a compassionate perspective whenever we are confronted with behavioural challenges.

Learning objectives:

  • Gain preliminary experience in understanding your child’s behaviour.

  • Develop a toolbox of sensory strategies to use at home for regulation and learning.

  • Develop relational strategies for supporting dysregulation at home.

About Kim Barthel

Kim actively supports multi-disciplinary functions and healing in many cultures internationally. She is a pioneer in reinforcing the importance of relationship in therapy and education, blending the art of intuitive inquiry with cutting-edge developments in neuroscience.

Some of Kim’s specialties include Developmental Delays, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Mental Health, Complex Behaviour, Sensory Processing, Attachment, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, the Visual/Vestibular System and Neuro-Developmental Treatment.  

One-to-one Demo Session with Kim

As part of this workshop, Kim Barthel will be conducting demos with 2-3 children to model some intended behavior. As parents, this will give us invaluable insight into how we can encourage certain behaviours in our neuro-diverse children.

If you would like your child to take part in this great one-on-one opportunity, we will need to find out more about your child's diagnosis. Kim will select the children who will participate on that day. Because timeslots will be allocated, children do not have to attend the whole day.

PLEASE NOTE: that not all applications will receive a time slot. Kim's decision will be based upon her professional experience, and all information will be kept in strict confidence for the purpose of the workshop on 16th June 2018.