Children Living in Poverty

Children who live in caged homes or subdivided flats face extreme stress.


Approximately 200,000 people live in caged homes or subdivided flats in Hong Kong. The standard of living in these conditions are worse than slums of India. The living conditions are unbearable at times with little ventilation and no privacy. Children who have to live in such conditions face extreme stress every day. 

YAMA Foundation partners with The Hub Hong Kong, a youth community centre in the heart of Sham Sui Po to provide yoga as an after school program. The program is designed especially to provide an outlet for children to express themselves, relax and let go, learn meditation and mindfulness as well as a range of yoga postures. 

Most after school programs for local children are focused on academics. The children face a lot of pressure to do well academically to improve their future lives. Our yoga classes provide at least one hour where children can relax and be kids and play through yoga. 

What we need to keep this program going:

  • Program sponsorship: HK$6400 (includes 8-week program of after school yoga)
  • Teacher fees: HK$3200 per month
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Coffin Cubicles. Children who live in these conditions face a lot of stress each day.